Casing advancement systems can be used in a wide range of applications where you need to drill in difficult ground conditions. The following are examples of the most common applications.

Geothermal well drilling

Geothermal heating of houses are increasingly popular due to both economical advantages as well as environmental concerns. Casing advancement systems are often used to drill the holes through the overburden, keeping the hole open during installation of the heat exchange system and minimizing the impact on surrounding structures.

Water well drilling

Water well drilling is common in urban, developed areas where the well must be drilled quickly with minimum impact on the surroundings. In this application the casing advancement systems are commonly used to case the overburden section of the water well.

Pipe roofing

Pipe roofing is a method to pre-reinforce the ground ahead of a tunnel face to ensure that excavation can proceed safely. A steel casing is installed in an umbrella pattern around the excavation line, forming a protective arch under which the tunnel can advance.

Foundation work

On the foundation projects its popular to use casing advancement systems for both friction and end bearing piles. The casings can be used as a structural element of the pile or as temporary solution to keep the hole open while installing bearing elements.


Tieback anchors, or ground anchors, are common all over the world. They are typically installed to provide support for slopes or other structures. They can be installed in combination with a retaining wall structure, as individual or systematic support.

Every casing advancement project has its challenges, whether deep or shallow holes, sensitivity or productivity demands. The casing advancement systems from TerraRoc offer a spectrum of solutions to meet any project demands in the most efficient way.