The casing advancement systems are available either as a solitary ring bit or as a ring bit set. The Symmetrix and Elemex systems are part of a total overburden drilling solution from TerraRoc. They work well in both down-the-hole (DTH) and Tophammer drilling, and your choice depends primarily on the drilling conditions on site.

Symmetrix – productivity and precision

Symmetrix is a versatile solution for overburden drilling where ground conditions are difficult, time is limited and precision is crucial. Whether used in ground with big boulders, inclined competent layers, or hard bedrock, Symmetrix drills until the required depth is reached. The system drills more quickly and accurately than any other method available today. The unique design of Symmetrix provides reliable results, which saves contractors money.

Elemex – for improved air control

The Elemex Casing Advancement System is the preferred system for minimizing the risk of settlements in surrounding structures. The unique design of the pilot bit directs the air over the drill bit surface reducing the air leakage into the ground. The directed air flushing enables the driller to be in full control of the drilling process.

Generation 2 and model C

TerraRoc has continuously improved the casing advancement system. We have developed two new concepts for Symmetrix and Elemex. With Generation 2, we found a way to allow both Symmetrix and Elemex pilot bits to use the same ring bit set, and Model C allows both permanent and retrievable ring bit sets to use the same pilot bit. With these new concepts, product selection becomes easier.

The new face design (patent pending) of the Symmetrix and Elemex pilot bits improves the flushing of the cuttings and makes the penetration rate even better than before, especially in clay and sand formations. When changing the pilot bits you only need one ring bit set for both pilot bits, and you will save time as well as money. This is an extra advantage when sensitive ground is encountered.