Kai Gylling

R&D Manager


Pilot bit is one of the key elements in drilling and effects directly to system performance, productivity and the overall cost of ownership. Terraroc Symmetrix and Elemex systems has offered best value for money to the customers by market leading performance and durability. Now the situation has improved even further.

Terraroc has committed to supply market leading products with well known track record. With our R&D Team’s continuous improvement activities, we have now managed to increase our V G2 model Pilot bit life. This model is mainly used drilling piles and foundations. The improved life covers the entire size range of the model, so customers can take the advantage in the whole range of pile sizes where this model is available.

Best part is that the improvement brings direct value to our customers, as we have not increased prices due to the modifications. The improvement fits well to TerraRoc commitment to environmental thinking, as increased life means less natural resources used. By using Terraroc products, customers can always rely on using best tools on environmental aspects.

The new products were released in June, and the new Pilot bits should be on most of the drilling sites by now