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TerraRoc’s top picks in ground drilling equipment

Ground drilling can be a complex business, tackling different types of rock and soil formations. As technology responds to these challenges, it is important to keep up with what products are on the market and which ones are right for your drilling program. As a leading manufacturer of ground drilling equipment, our expert team has highlighted the products we know contractors have come to rely on to get the job done.

Sample our ground drilling equipment

At TerraRoc, it is our mission to provide ground drilling contractors with the best tools and ground drillling equipment, whatever the job. Designed for a range of geotechnical and environmental drilling applications, our product range boasts some of the best products available to the international ground drilling market. Let’s start at the core with some of our most popular core drilling products.

Your choice of core barrel will depend upon the application: conventional or wireline.

Conventional Core Barrels for ground drilling

Our T2 double tube conventional core barrel drills in all directions to drill large core diameter bore holes through rough terrain where water flush can be used.

The thin wall design of the T2 offers faster penetration, larger cores, and lower diamond costs with metric hole sizes of 46 to 101 mm.

The later T6 double tube model provides a standard wall for core sampling in all formations, particularly in highly viscous and muddy conditions. T6 core barrels are available in metric sizes 76 to 146 mm.

Introducing Triple Core Barrels

Coreline set triple tube conventional T2 and T6 are now available. These triple tube core barrels are made from the double tube barrels by changing the core bit to a triple tube/coreline set core bit and smaller ID core lifter. A plastic core liner is inserted inside the inner tube. This is a great option, especially suitable for coring soft or friable formations, resulting in higher core recovery.

The plastic liner ensures that the sample is kept intact, offering good presentation for logging purposes. The liner can be sealed by adding plastic end caps to encapsulate the sample and retain the moisture within the sample.

Wireline core barrels

For softer formations, the S Geobor wireline core barrel is the preferred choice. Its “triple tube design” consists of outer and inner tubing and a plastic liner.

The plastic “liner” in the inner tubing drastically reduces friction between the core and the inner tube, maximising core recovery. This tube also serves as a core container, featuring plugs at both ends for the user’s convenience. Plastic liners can be replaced with steel ones if preferred.

Geobor core barrels are only manufactured in dimension of 146 mm (S). Flushing with water, mud and air are all possible using this tool, making it one of the most versatile in its field.

Conventional drill rods

Our lightweight conventional drill rods are available in both steel and aluminium.

Steel rods offer friction-welded hardened steel couplings, while the aluminium rods are made using glued, threaded hardened steel couplings.

Machine capacity and rod length are key considerations when determining the OD size of the core barrel you need, but we recommend you go as large as possible on conventional core barrels.

Wireline drill rods

Our wireline drill rods are made using carbon steel tubes to increase yield capacity and rod strength. The flush-jointed rods enable the inner tube and other tools to pass through it.

The latest ground drilling equipment for casing advancement

Casing advancement systems, also known as CAS, are drilling tools that allow contractors to case a hole as it is drilled. Hydraulics push the casing into the wellbore in place of or alongside rotary drilling or other similar conventional drilling methods.

This method is safer and more efficient, reducing the risk of holes caving in and speeding up the completion of drilling projects. CAS are especially effective when drilling in difficult ground conditions, making drilling safer and easier. They can be used on any drilling project, but are particularly popular in geothermal, and water well drilling, pipe roofing, and foundation work.

At TerraRoc, we have a range of CAS to accommodate a range of projects. Here are our top products to watch.

Model D

Model D is new to the market – a unique plastic casing for blast holes, typically used in quarry and mining operations to enhance drilling production, prevent holes from collapsing while protecting the bench floor, saving both time and money on your project.

Plastic casings are used where metal casings are prohibited because of the damage they do to the crushers, making it is easier to remove small amounts of steel from ring bits with a magnet. This system was designed to offer versatility. Contractors can use Model D across a wide range of ground conditions and blast hole sizes. Casing length is adjustable, so there is no limitation on the rock hole depth.

Model D can be used with top-hammer or down-the-hole (DTH) drilling. 

Learn more about the benefits of Model D here.

Symmetrix and Elemex Systems

CAS can be used as a single ring bit, or as a ring bit set. Our Symmetrix and Elemex systems are flexible solutions for overburden drilling in difficult ground conditions. Efficiency and precision are critical for these types of projects.

Our Symmetrix systems continue drilling until the desired depth is reached, and it does so faster and more accurately than any other system on the market today. Hard bedrock and boulders are no match for our Symmetrix CAS which produces consistent and reliable results every time.

Our Elemex system is the choice for precision drilling. Air is directed over the drill bit surface thanks to the unique design of its pilot bit, which limits air from seeping into the ground. Elemex therefore lowers the risk of over drilling and decreases the chance of settlement on nearby structures. This increases the control the driller has on their equipment and minimizes the risk of hole collapse.

Find out more about our Symmetrix and Elemex systems here.

Generation 2 and Model C

Continuous innovation is at the heart of our operations and both Symmetrix and Elemex have been developed further to add value and flexibility.

The result – Generation 2 and Model C.

Generation 2 enables the pilot bits of both our Symmetrix and Elemex systems to use the same ring bit set, while Model C incorporates both permanent and retrievable ring bit sets into the same pilot bit.

These new concepts make product selection even easier for contractors.

A new face design further enhances the flushing of the cuttings and improves the rate of penetration, particularly when drilling in clay-based or sandy soil. It also saves the user time and money when swapping out the pilot bits as you only need one ring bit set for both.

Down-the-hole hammers for urban and overburden conditions

DTH hammers are quick, cost-effective, and flexible across a range of applications, including well drilling and general construction. Our DTH products are all adjustable, making them ideal for the completion of all kinds of projects.

Terranox DTH hammers

Terranox DTH hammers were designed to improve drilling performance in low-pressure operations. Our goal was to reduce drilling downtime, making operations more efficient while improving handling. This product can be used in combination with our various casing advancement systems.

Terranox hammers have been the industry solution for low-pressure drilling in overburden conditions for the last 30 years and are known to be reliable, easy to repair and maintain. TerraRoc keeps spares in stock in the unlikely event that you have to replace this tool.

QL hammers

Contractors continue to rely heavily on QL hammers as the hammer of choice for professional drilling. It has become a staple in the drilling industry. Its proven versatility and reliability, positions the QL hammer series as the clear choice on oil and gas, well drilling, and construction projects.

Utility Power Pole Drill 120 (PPD120)

PPD120 enables shallow hole drilling from cranes and other equipment. This power pole drill utilizes advanced air absorption technology to eliminate the risk of damaging your equipment. Additionally, hex connections prevent the hammer from coming apart, simplifying handling, and making it easier to disassemble and transport.

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To learn more about our ground drilling equipment, or to find the perfect tools for your next project, contact us at TerraRoc today. We will be pleased to discuss your needs and help you find the best solution for your drilling project.