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Casing Advancement Systems

Work faster, safer and with higher quality even in the most challenging ground conditions.

Casing advancement systems, or drilled casings, are the preferred method for drilling in difficult ground conditions.

When casing and drilling occurs at the same time, the hole collapsing risk is minimized and you can work faster and with better results. Selecting the right kind of system depends on several factors, including the ground conditions and application. TerraRoc offers a spectrum of solutions to meet your project demands in the most efficient way.

We have a long tradition of supplying geotechnical engineers with a wide range of equpipment and services.

Our products offer consists of rigs, grouting solutions, site investigation tools, DTH hammers and a full rage of high performance casing advancement systems.

All our products are designed to minimize downtime and to maximize your productivity and profitability.

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