Industry leaders in
Core Drilling

Extract high-quality core samples in a cost- and time-effective manner no matter what the soil or rock.

TerraRoc is among the world’s leading manufacturers of core drilling equipment.

We have supplied our market with high performance products during many generations. Our aim has always been clear: to develop safe and environmentally friendly products with sustainable productivity. The Terracore drilling system is a result from this effort.

Terracore range covers a complete package of in-the-hole equipment. Conventional and wireline core barrels, drill rods and casings, core boxes, additives, adapters and fishing tools, not to mention a wide range of drilling bits to make core drilling reliable and fast.


TerraRoc offers a total solution with the rigs and the consumables. TerraRoc surface and underground range rigs can utilize the B, T2, T6 and S-Geobor core drilling systems, for different applications.

Terracore can be used in a wide range of applications, as long as the ground and depth correspond to the product design, for example carrying out site investigation in urban construction sites, exploration in surface and underground mines, drilling grout holes in tunnels and on hydroelectric power projects.


Core drilling for undisturbed sampling and hole making is often a preferred solution for straight holes and where noise and vibrations are subject to legislation. Terracore is ideal for traditional exploration in soft and shallow formations (100–150m) and large wireline core drilling applications.

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