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Down-the-hole Hammers

Superior efficiency in precision and time per drilled hole with hammers purpose-matched for all rock types and applications.

Down-The-Hole hammers are a fast, cost efficient and versatile tools for many applications, from water well drillers to construction companies.

TerraRoc offers a wide range of high performing drilling equipment designed for percussive drilling. In fact, we offer the most productive DTH hammers in the world.

DTH drilling as a method is growing in popularity in both foundation works and in well and geothermal drilling. As the global redevelopment of urban areas continues, this trend comes with a challenge – accessing and drilling in populated areas without damaging the existing structures around the work site.


It is obvious that our customers in geotechnical operations have very different demands on the equipment than those working with high production drilling in for example quarrying. The demand for application tailored solutions is increasing.

In production drilling, especially in hard rock, the use of high pressure air is vital in order to flush the drill bit efficiently. In overburden ground conditions, air from DTH drilling might unconsolidate the ground, decreasing the capacity of existing foundations.


This can be an issue especially in urban areas. In geotechnical applications lower air pressure (in the range of 12–18 bar) is therefore recommended. Focus is on reliable and safe operations along with minimal environmental impact.

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