When nothing less than the best will do.

You need the right services and tools – not almost right, but precisely right. Our strong R&D, thorough planning and exacting quality control deliver just that: a full range of drilling tools and consumables, all exactly customized for your needs. You can drill safely and with great precision in all ground conditions with drills that last up to 25 % longer than average. Downtime is minimized, productivity and profit maximized.

Our products

Casing advancement systems

Work faster, safer and with higher quality even in the most challenging ground conditions.

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Down-the-hole hammers

Superior efficiency in precision and time per drilled hole with hammers purpose-matched for all rock types and applications.

See products – Down-the-hole hammers

Core drilling

Extract high-quality core samples in a cost- and time-effective manner no matter what the soil or rock.

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