TerraRoc North America

The Roanoke facility was constructed by Ingersoll-Rand in 1968 to produce air hoists and winches for its Power Tool Division, and later served as an engineering, marketing and distribution center. When TerraRoc was founded as an independent company in 2019, the Roanoke facility continued operating as an assembly, service, distribution and engineering center of drilling tools.

The Roanoke facility assembles DTH hammers and bits, specializing in large DTH hammers (9” class and larger), hammers and bits for cluster drills, power pole drills and bits, and hammers and diamond bits for oil and gas drilling. The facility has a state-of-the-art DTH test cell for evaluating hammer performance in the laboratory in the course of new product development.

Currently there are seven employees and three sales engineers working remotely. The Roanoke facility is the distribution location for the USA and Canada as well as other locations across the world.

TerraRoc UK

The TerraRoc facility in Grangemouth, UK, was originally founded in 1986 as H&F Drilling Supplies. It specialized in casing and piling applications and supplying all components in the drill string. In 2010 H&F Drilling Supplies was acquired by Atlas Copco and eventually it became an essential part of the newly-founded TerraRoc in 2019.

Currently the Grangemouth facility has 11 employees and one in France, Spain, and Turkey each. The facility operates as the main warehouse for Terracore drilling tools and large DTH drilling tools for the whole globe excluding North America. It’s also home to the business manager responsible for Europe (except the Nordic Countries) and Latin America.

The facility has a particularly deep knowledge of core drilling tools and application setups for large drilling tools. In addition, due to its global responsibilities, the Grangemouth facility has the required competence in all the TerraRoc products across the board to support all sales teams.

TerraRoc Finland

The TerraRoc facility in Tampere, Finland, was originally founded as Rotex Oy in 1990 by three brothers Jorma, Vesa, and Kimmo Järvelä. The company’s first great success was the Symmetrix casing advancement system, that allowed Rotex to export its equipment to all the important markets.

The company experienced rapid growth and was bought by Atlas Copco in 2004, becoming Oy Atlas Copco Rotex Ab, and finally part of TerraRoc when it was born as an independent company in 2019.

At the moment the Tampere facility employs almost 20 persons. It’s specialty is still casing advancement systems. Geotechnical equipment is delivered from Tampere to everywhere in world, particularly to the Nordic Countries but also e.g. to the Americas.