The QL Series of Down the Hole hammer drills by TerraRoc has become the go-to choice for drilling experts worldwide. With its unmatched versatility and reliability, the QL hammer series has firmly established itself as the leading option for oil and gas, well drilling, and construction projects.


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Designed to tackle the toughest rock

TerraRoc’s Quantum Leap® line of DTH hammer drills has been meticulously engineered to work in perfect synch with drilling machines, complemented by a top head or Kelly drive mounting. These hammer drills demand a mounting that can deliver ample hold down, hold back, rpm, torque, hammer lubrication, air pressure, and air volume. TerraRoc’s cutting-edge QL hammers combine percussion with drilling, ensuring high productivity even in the toughest hard rock applications.


QL Series breaks the limits of traditional drilling

While conventional rotary drilling techniques excel in soft formations, they fall short when it comes to harder rock. The Quantum Leap® DTH hammers, however, shatter these limitations by generating an incredibly high load during impact. This sheer force drives the cutting inserts into the rock, producing exceptional results by creating chips effortlessly.


Versatility whatever the application

Quantum Leap® DTH hammer drills are highly recommended for a wide range of hard rock applications. Whether drilling water wells, primary blast holes in quarries, open pit mining, coal stripping operations, oil and gas exploration, or construction projects requiring extensive rock excavation, TerraRoc’s QL hammers are up for the task.


Innovative poppet valve system

At the heart of TerraRoc’s Quantum Leap® hammers lie an innovative poppet valve system, designed to maximize efficiency and power. Unlike traditional DTH hammer drills that rely on fixed porting and lack control over supply pressure timing, these QL hammers utilize the poppet valve to its fullest potential to deliver supply air precisely when needed, optimizing impact energy for unparalleled performance.


Choose TerraRoc’s QL Series

With proven reliability, versatility, and a cutting-edge poppet valve system, TerraRoc’s QL Series of Down the Hole hammer drills are key to successful drilling programs. Contact TerraRoc for details on our full range of QL hammer drills – QL60, TD90, OG, QLX100, QL120, QL200, QL300.