Work faster, safer and with higher quality even in the most challenging ground conditions.

Casing advancement systems, or drilled casings, are the preferred method for drilling in difficult ground conditions. When casing and drilling occurs at the same time, the hole collapsing risk is minimized and you can work faster and with better results. Selecting the right kind of system depends on several factors, including the ground conditions and application. TerraRoc offers a spectrum of solutions to meet your project demands in the most efficient way.

You can use TerraRoc casing advancement systems in a wide range of applications in difficult ground conditions:

  • Geothermal well drilling
  • Water well drilling
  • Pipe roofing
  • Foundation work
  • Anchoring

Down-the-hole (DTH) drilling and tophammers

Versions of TerraRoc casing advancement systems are available for both top-hammer and down-the-hole (DTH) drilling. DTH is used to drill deep holes with great accuracy. It’s suitable for both straight piling and well drilling, and systems are available in the diameters 114.3–1219mm. Tophammer is a fast and efficient method for drilling shorter holes, straight or inclined, primarily smaller diameter holes in overburden drilling. Tophammer systems are available in the diameters 76.2–139,7mm.

TerraRoc casing types

Permanent casing

Permanent casings are used in water and geothermal wells as sacrificial element to keep the hole open. In foundation works they function as the bearing structure of the pile, sacrificial element to protect against corrosion or the element to keep the hole open.

Retrievable casing

Retrievable casings are used when the casing is only needed during the drilling process to keep the hole open and not as support in the finished structure. They are a cost-effective solution for e.g. piles and anchoring since the casing is retrieved and reused.

Symmetrix and Elemex – precision and control

TerraRoc casing advancement systems are available either as solitary ring bit or as a ring bit set. The Symmetrix and Elemex systems work well in both DTH and tophammer drilling.

Symmetrix – productivity and precision

Versatile solution for overburden drilling in difficult ground conditions when time is limited and precision crucial. With Symmetrix you drill more quickly and accurately than any other method available today, and you save time and money.

Elemex – for improved air control

The preferred system for minimizing the risk of settlements in surrounding structures. The unique design of the pilot bit directs air over the drill bit surface reducing the air leakage into the ground, enabling you to be in full control of the drilling process.