You will mainly find In–The–Hole tools (ITH) and bits suitable for geotechnical core sampling in soft unconsolidated to medium hard consolidated formations.

Core Products

Detailed parts information about our core products can be found by downloading the full catalogue below. Select core barrel, drill rods, casing and sockets, accessories and diamond products to match the application from respective sub section.

Step 1 – Systems

TerraRoc offers a full range of core barrels for geotechnical core sampling. Your first choice of core barrel depends on whether you use a conventional or wire line core barrel system.

Step 2 – Core barrels


Conventional core barrels produce a larger core diameter compared to equivalent wire line size. The rugged construction and design features ensure optimization of productivity in applications where the use of wire line system is not practical or cost effective. Conventional core barrels are typically used in shorter bore holes. The core barrels can drill in all directions.

The T2 double tube conventional core barrel is a thin–wall all round core barrel for most type of homogenous or somewhat broken formations where water flush can be used.

The thin wall design offer features

The T2 double tube conventional core barrel is a thin–wall all round core barrel for most type of homogenous or somewhat broken formations where water flush can be used. The thin wall design offer features as:

  • Faster penetration
  • Lower diamond cost
  • Larger core

TerraRoc´s T2 core barrels are available in metric hole sizes 46 to 101 mm.

The T6 double tube conventional system is a standard wall all round core barrel for core sampling in all formations. Despite the relatively thin wall, T6 can very well be used with high viscous mud or in special cases with air flushing. T6 core barrels are manufactured in metric sizes 76 to 146 mm (S–size).

The B single tube conventional system is suitable for drilling straight holes e.g. grouting holes for dam constructions. Typical situations are when core examination is of less importance or when concrete core extraction is required. The B system is based upon the metric casing and can be extended one length or more by adding suitable length of casing rods. B core barrels are manufactured in metric sizes 46 to 146 mm. Wire line rods B, N, H can easily be converted to single tube core barrels. See our catalogue below for full details about our core products.


The S Geobor wire line core drilling system from TerraRoc has been specially developed for core drilling and undisturbed sampling in soft formations. The core barrel is of “triple tube design” type consisting of an outer tube and an inner tube with liner.

There is a plastic “liner” in the inner tube which considerably reduces friction between the core and the inner tube. This means that a maximum core recovery is guaranteed. The plastic tube can also be used as a core container when provided with plugs at both ends. Split liners in steel are also available as alternatives to our standard solid round plastic liners – see the catalogue for optional ‘End caps’ and other core products.

Geobor core barrels are manufactured in one dimension S (146mm) only. The core barrel is designed for flushing with water, mud and in special cases with air. Geobor core barrels can easily be adapted to fit all ground and rock conditions with different types of bits and conversion kits.

With the available options, the Geobor core barrel is the most versatile in its field.

Step 3 – Drill Rods

TerraRoc drill rods and casings aredesigned to deliver top performance to your equipment and your drill site.

Conventional drill rods

Conventional drill rods are available in light–weight steel or aluminium, providing you an ergonomic flexibility which will improve your handling capabilities under the most strenuous conditions. Steel drill rods are manufactured with friction welded hardened steel coupling. Aluminium drill rods are manufactured with glued, threaded hardened steel couplings. For conventional core barrels the rod OD size is recommended to be as large as possible. However it must not restrict the annulus circulation flow. You also have to consider machine capacity.

You have to consider the rod length to fit the overall length that can be handled efficiently. It is recommended to select a few smaller rods to compensate the drill string length even though the main part of selected rods are longer. We recommend conical thread double WJ design for easier jointing and safer sealing.

Wire line drill rods

Wire line drill rods are manufactured from highest available carbon seamless steel tubes for superior yield capacity and ultimate strength. Wire line rods are always flush jointed to allow inner tube and other tools to pass through. Pin threads are surface treated, for easy jointing and extended life.

In our core products catalogue we only have two types of wire line rods, PG rods for PG wire line and SG rods for Geobor wire line.

Step 4 – Casing and sockets

Casings are flush jointed and manufactured in standard steel quality. The physical properties are:

  • Lower yield point 550 N/mm2
  • Tensile strength 690 N/mm2
  • Elongation A5 min 15 %

In the catalogue you find metric casing 44–143 mm and imperial casing PW and SGW (SW). For all conventional core barrels up to 131 mm you select casing from the metric casing range.

For S Geobor, you select casing from the imperial casing range. In the casing section of our catalogue you will also find casing sockets to fit corresponding drill rods connections.

Casing shoes are selected from the Terracore bit section Step 6.

Step 5 – Accessories

Details often make the difference in quality of the drilling operation. In this section, we offer products selected for their quality and technical superiority. It is important to use recommended wrenches, to avoid risk of equipment damage.

Don’t forget trouble shooting tools, (recovery taps etc), which might save you some problems.

This sections also include a selection of subs, core boxes, additives and water swivels.

Water swivels should be selected in accordance with type of drill rig used and fluid demands for the application.

Step 6 – Diamond products

Bit selection for impregnated bits is guided by the Terracore classification chart. The rock formation characteristics with corresponding samples of rock types are organized in application rock groups 1–10.

Choose suitable bit based on application number that matches your formation characteristics. Basically the scale indicates a harder formation for a higher number. In application range 1–4, diamond surface set, PDC and TC should be considered as well.

Core Products Catalogue

For more details about our core products download our Core Drilling Tools Product Catalogue below.