Customized geotechnical solutions

TerraRoc offers customized geotechnical solutions and drilling equipment for a full range of casing advancement systems, down-the-hole hammers and core drilling. Because two drilling projects are rarely identical, we can readily adapt and customize our tools and parts for your particular needs.

For casing advancement systems TerraRoc has the tools for down-the-hole drilling and tophammers, and both solitary ring bits and ring bit sets – Symmetrix and Elemex systems – are available. We offer permanent as well as retrievable casings.

TerraRoc’s down-the-hole hammers are especially suited for challenging ground conditions, such as densely populated areas. The Terranox DTH hammers are designed for optimum performance in low pressure operations.

TerraRoc is among the world’s leading manufacturers of core drilling equipment. Terracore range covers a complete package of in-the-hole equipment, such as conventional and wireline core barrels, drill rods and casings, core boxes, additives, adapters and fishing. Terraroc also offers a total solution with the rigs and the consumables.

Casing advancement systems

Work faster, safer and with higher quality even in the most challenging ground conditions.

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Down-the-hole hammers

Superior efficiency in precision and time per drilled hole with hammers purpose-matched for all rock types and applications.

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Core drilling

Extract high-quality core samples in a cost- and time-effective manner no matter what the soil or rock.

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Coming soon

We will soon add: Oil and Gas, Additives, Pipe roofing, Drag bits, Cluster drill and General drilling equipment to our product categories!

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