Down-the-hole hammers
for urban and overburden conditions

TerraRoc Down the Hole or DTH hammers offer superior efficiency in precision and time per drilled hole with hammers purpose-matched for all rock types and applications. DTH hammers are quick, cost-effective, and flexible across a range of applications, including well drilling and general construction. TerraRoc DTH products are all adjustable, making them ideal for the completion of all kinds of projects.

Terranox DTH hammers

Terranox DTH hammers improve drilling performance in low-pressure operations. They reduce drilling downtime, making operations more efficient while improving handling. DTH hammers can be used in combination with TerraRoc’s range of casing advancement systems to provide customers with a complete drilling package.


Terranox hammers have been the industry solution for low-pressure drilling in overburden conditions for the last 30 years. Known for their reliability, Terranox hammers are also easy to repair and maintain. TerraRoc keeps spares in stock ready to support your on-site operations.

QL hammers

Contractors rely heavily on TerraRoc QL hammers as the hammer of choice for professional drilling. It has become a staple in the drilling industry. Its proven versatility and reliability, positions the QL hammer series as the clear choice on oil and gas, well drilling, and construction projects.

Utility Power Pole Drill 120 (PPD120)

TerraRoc’s Utility Power Pole Drill 120 (PPD120) allows you to drill shallow holes from a crane or other equipment where a rotation unit can be attached. A swivel with a built-in air cushion/absorber allows you to drill without the risk of damaging your crane, excavator, or derrick. Additionally, hex connections prevent the hammer from coming apart, simplifying handling, and making it easier to disassemble and transport.

utility pole drilling

Drill bits

From the hard rock formations on Scandinavian well and geothermal sites comes the X-Roc 115-millimeter DTH drill bit that allows you to drill faster, deeper and with less wear than conventional DTH drill bits. X-Roc will also save diesel and improve operational drilling time on each hole.


Our T-Roc drill bit has been engineered to deliver exceptional performance in foundation socket drilling, water wells and other applications where maximum toughness and efficiency are essential.

Complete package

TerraRoc’s complete package includes stabilizers to maintain the integrity of the borehole, reamers to enlarge the borehole and remove debris, and casing advancement systems to provide support and prevent hole collapse.