Superior efficiency in precision and time per drilled hole with hammers purpose-matched for all rock types and applications.

What is a Down the Hole Hammer?

A down the hole hammer is a fast, cost-efficient, and versatile tool with many applications, from water well drillers to construction companies. TerraRoc’s hammer ranges can all be adjusted to suit the requirements and needs of different projects.

Drill Safely in the Urban Environment

How do you drill in densely populated areas without damaging the existing structures around the site? Often, the solutions have to be tailored for the specific work sites. DTH drilling is a popular method in both foundation works and well and geothermal drilling. TerraRoc offers a wide range of productive and reliable drilling equipment designed for percussive drilling.

Low-pressure Drilling in Overburden Conditions

In production drilling, especially in hard rock, the use of high-pressure air is vital in order to flush the drill bit efficiently. In overburden ground conditions, air from DTH drilling might unconsolidate the ground, decreasing the capacity of existing foundations. This can be an issue, especially in urban areas. In geotechnical applications, lower air pressure (in the range of 12–18 bar) is therefore recommended. The focus is on reliable and safe operations, along with minimal environmental impact.

Terranox – Cost-Efficient and Reliable

Terranox DTH hammers are designed for optimum performance in low-pressure operations.

Reliable, well-proven technology

The Terranox hammer is based on well-proven technology with over 30 years of successful operations in the industry. In urban areas, drilling must usually be accomplished during restricted drilling hours, so, reducing downtime is critical. Terranox hammers are rugged, reliable, and easily repaired and maintained. We keep spares in stock and are ready to support you whenever necessary.

Low-pressure drilling in overburden conditions

The use of lower air pressure results in less noise and vibration and has a smaller impact on both the surrounding environment and any nearby buildings or infrastructure. It also reduces the risk of damaging delicate underground utilities or archaeological artefacts. In general, DTH drilling with lower air pressure is a safer and more environmentally friendly option, making it the preferred choice for many geotechnical applications.

A dedicated package

Terranox DTH hammers are very well suited for use together with our well-proven casing advancement systems Symmetrix, Odex, and Elemex, all committed to reliable and safe geotechnical drilling. With TerraRoc you get a unique in-house turnkey solution for your geotechnical drilling operation.

High-productive and reliable QL hammer

Many DTH customers have proven over and over again that QL hammers are the hammer of choice. Its multipurpose use and reliability have put the QL hammer series in all kinds of applications, such as oil & gas, water well, construction, and horizontal hammer applications.


The Utility Power Pole Drill 120 (PPD120) setup allows you to drill shallow holes from a crane or other equipment where a rotation unit can be attached. A swivel with a built-in air cushion/absorber allows you to drill without the risk of damaging your crane, excavator, or derrick.


The hex connections also make sure that the hammer doesn’t come apart and make it easy to disconnect when transporting.