Drill faster and deeper with less bit wear

Drilling just got a whole lot faster


Introducing our new 115-millimeter X-Roc DTH drill bit that allows you to drill faster, deeper and with less wear than conventional DTH drill bits.

Tested on Scandinavian well and geothermal sites, X-Roc increased drilled meterage on each drill bit, saved on diesel and achieved operational time savings on each hole.

X-Roc 115 DTH drill bits are capable of penetrating the hardest rock formations in Europe faster than conventional drill bits.


Discover how X-Roc can drive down your operational costs.

All data is measured from 115 m to 247 m of rock drilling, except start od and end od, in this example.

X-Roc 115 achieved in
comparison tests

Diesel savings
up to 15%

time savings
on comparison

X-Roc 115 achieved in
comparison tests

X-Roc 115 in profile

The X-Roc 115 DTH drill bit is the culmination of extensive design, laboratory, and field tests to machine a drill bit that would surpass what is available on the market. The result is X-Roc, a powerful DTH drill bit that penetrates the toughest rock formations while reducing total operational costs.


The most visible feature is four flushing holes to minimize drilling time, lower wear, while efficiently removing cuttings.

The right choice
on so many levels

TerraRoc recognizes its responsibilities to the environment. Our innovative drill bit delivers durability, longer life, with a low environmental impact compared to similar brands on offer today.


X-Roc drill bits are made from climate compensated, carbon neutral steel, close to the drilling sites in  Scandinavia they were designed for. This cuts environmental impact on transportation, while the production process not only uses recycled raw material but also fossil free electricity.