TerraRoc’s large DTH hammers offer exceptional drilling capabilities, perfectly suited for efficiently installing utility power poles. Using the PPD 120 pole drill model, this truck mounted drilling system can drill sockets in solid rock faster and more efficiently than both auger drilling or blasting methods.

TerraRoc DTH bits are available in a wide range of sizes and bit designs and are available to match the pole sizes and the rock condition.

Efficient and powerful

In comparison to auguring or blasting methods, TerraRoc’s Utility Pole Drill permits electric pole sockets to be more efficiently drilled in hard rock.

In fact, when coupled with a portable compressor and a pole installation truck, the result is rapid creation of multiple utility pole holes.

Features & benefits

  • TerraRoc PPD 120 Pole Drill incorporates the QL 120 Hammer for more power and efficiency.
  • Advanced air swivel/cushion for improved dampening of vibration.
  • Easily adapts to most utility derrick platforms with suitable rotation power and hoist capacity.
  • Pin connections allow for easy service and assembly.
  • Optional support module provides multiple features such as lubrication, water for dust suppression, and an air valve for collar and drill pressure control. Also features a remote control box.
  • Drilling depth: 84″ (2,13m) standard PPD 120.
  • With 72″ extension rod, depth is increased to 156″ (3,96m).
  • Rotation Torque: Minimum, 6000 foot pounds.
  • Air Requirements: 804scfm at 100psi and 1028scfm at 125psi.