Kai Gylling

R&D Manager

How much can I wear the ring bit set?

We often get the question of how much can a retrievable ring bit set wear before it will break. As always in drilling, there is no exact science and there is no magical number because all drilling sites are different and comes with different challenges and ground conditions.

There are three main factors which impact the durability of the ring bit set: 1. The force acting on the ring bit. 2. The relative speed between the surfaces on the ring bit set. 3. The time the force and movement are applied. There are several parameters which influence these factors. The main ones ar

1. Hole depth
2. Ground conditions (casing friction, abrasiveness)
3. Rotation speed
4. Feed force
5. Air pressure
6. Penetration rate
7. In-hole time
8. Up hole velocity

The wear is a factor of force, speed, and time. Force is defined by ground conditions and the hole depth. The stronger the “grip” between ground and casing, and the deeper the hole, the greater the friction force will be. On the other hand, the force can also be evaluated based on the feed force and hammer a