TerraRoc – A new company of experienced professionals

Born this autumn as an independent company, TerraRoc is the result of Epiroc’s recent divestment of its geotechnical drilling consumables division. With a staff of highly skilled experts, we bring with us a range of industry experience from Atlas Copco and Epiroc.

Truly global solutions

TerraRoc is the market leader in geotechnical drilling consumables and we operate globally from Europe to North America to Asia. With three manufacturing facilities in Finland (Tampere), Scotland (Grangemouth) and the United States (Roanoke, Virginia), in addition to a supply chain that spans the globe, we’re able to minimize our clients’ downtime and react promptly to their needs around the world.

Industry-leading R&D

From specializing in casing advancement systems, down-the-hole hammers and core drilling, TerraRoc’s strong R&D, thorough planning and exacting quality control enable us to deliver a full range of drilling tools and consumables.

Our products and services are customized for each specific client’s needs and with some of industry’s most robust R&D talent, TerraRoc is always on the lookout for new customer challenges.

TerraRoc is owned by Sweden-based global investment firm Mimir Invest AB.

We are always at your service. Learn more about TerraRoc and how we can help you.