Risk assessment and actions in response to the COVID-19 situation

Dear Customers,

Terraroc wishes to inform you of our up to date risk assessment and current actions in response to the COVID-19 situation.

Terraroc has risk mapped our processes and operations and has taken the appropriate and necessary measures within our manufacturing and supply chain operations to ensure the continuity of supply to all of our customers.

Our logistics partners have highlighted possible extended delivery times depending on some of the evolving global and local measures being put in place.

However our current assessments indicate the risk of delays in Scandinavia is very low, while deliveries to other locations including the rest of Europe, North and South America, Far East and Asia might be subject to slight delays.

We do not foresee any risk of stockouts, nor longer lead times for our stocked or on-demand manufactured items at the moment.

Terraroc has increased its stock levels and its minimum re-stocking levels to ensure product availability.

Additionally, we have reviewed our supply chain and sourcing channels in relation to raw material and deliveries.

If you foresee a large project coming, please let your salesman or representative know so we can ensure we have it on the shelf and ready well before the project starts, regardless of shipping constraints.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops and take appropriate actions accordingly.

One of Terraroc’s core values is Openness and so as a valued customer, we wish to keep you well informed of our corporate actions designed to ensure we meet our continued and ongoing obligations to you.

Please be assured that we are happy to respond to any specific concerns you may have on an ad-hoc basis in relation to the COVID-19 situation or indeed any other matter.

Any development that might affect your delivery will be advised as soon as possible.

Please contact your local Terraroc representative with any questions or concerns.

Terraroc’s focus group is continuously monitoring this evolving COVID -19 situation, supported by the best advice available so that we take the right and necessary actions promptly. We are confident this approach will minimise adverse impacts on our business and will ensure we maintain a strong stable supply of product and service to our customers.

Sincere regards

Mario Andrade